Nickel Bronze Wound Singles


Nickel Bronze strings are the premium uncoated acoustic strings by D’Addario. Featuring an innovative combination of nickel-plated phosphor bronze wrapped onto a high carbon NY steel core, these strings bring out the unique tonal characteristics of any guitar, allowing its natural voice to truly shine. Nickel Bronze delivers unrivaled clarity, resonance and projection, as well as outstanding balance and harmonically rich overtones.

D'Addario offers a full range of acoustic guitar singles for all your replacement or customization needs.

  • Delivers a full tonal spectrum, revealing the unique tonal qualities of your acoustic guitar
  • Increased corrosion resistance for a longer lasting uncoated string
  • Features D’Addario’s exclusive high-carbon NY steel for unprecedented strength and tuning stability
  • Environmentally-friendly, corrosion-resistant packaging keeps strings fresh
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance

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Item No.ProductStatus
NB020Single Nickel Bronze Wound 020 BUY NOW
NB021Single Nickel Bronze Wound 021 BUY NOW
NB022Single Nickel Bronze Wound 022 BUY NOW
NB023Single Nickel Bronze Wound 023 BUY NOW
NB024Single Nickel Bronze Wound 024 BUY NOW
NB025Single Nickel Bronze Wound 025 BUY NOW
NB026Single Nickel Bronze Wound 026 BUY NOW
NB027Single Nickel Bronze Wound 027 BUY NOW
NB029Single Nickel Bronze Wound 029 BUY NOW
NB030Single Nickel Bronze Wound 030 BUY NOW
NB032Single Nickel Bronze Wound 032 BUY NOW
NB034Single Nickel Bronze Wound 034 BUY NOW
NB035Single Nickel Bronze Wound 035 BUY NOW
NB036Single Nickel Bronze Wound 036 BUY NOW
NB039Single Nickel Bronze Wound 039 BUY NOW
NB042Single Nickel Bronze Wound 042 BUY NOW
NB045Single Nickel Bronze Wound 045 BUY NOW
NB047Single Nickel Bronze Wound 047 BUY NOW
NB052Single Nickel Bronze Wound 052 BUY NOW
NB053Single Nickel Bronze Wound 053 BUY NOW
NB054Single Nickel Bronze Wound 054 BUY NOW
NB056Single Nickel Bronze Wound 056 BUY NOW
NB059Single Nickel Bronze Wound 059 BUY NOW
NB060Single Nickel Bronze Wound 060 BUY NOW

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