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Corinne Olsen
Independent Artist, Avery Watts, Lady Low
Eric David
Avery Watts
Tim Miller
Tim Miller Trio
John Thomas
John Thomas Trio, PhunkMob
Rick Brandt
Avery Watts
Richie Rivera
Avery Watts
Tommy Gardner
Avery Watts
R.J. Procopio
Avery Watts

Products Used

I first discovered D’Addario after I got into drop-tuning my guitar for heavier music. I began searching endlessly for the perfect set of strings that fit my style. I tried every company, every standard pack, and even made my own custom sets out of single strings; all to no avail. Once I came across the D’Addario EXL116’s, my problems were solved. They had the best of all worlds: Thick enough to hold low notes, articulate enough to hear the pick attack, and meaty enough on the top strings to get a full rich tone without sounding thin. In addition, the fact that all the strings come in corrosion-free packaging (to prevent aging and inconsistency) sealed the deal for me. Once I started researching all the products D’Addario made, it became clear that they are a company not only in tune with musician’s needs, but an organization that is based on producing top-quality goods. Since finding D’Addario, I use only their products exclusively for all the instruments I play, both live and in-studio, as well as all of my cabling.

A D’Addario Fretted player since 2004.

Avery Allan Watts (born October 27th, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, live performer and music industry entrepreneur. Combining elements of Rock, Metal, Urban and Classical instrumentation, Watts is known for his high-energy music and action-packed live show. His debut release "The Takeover" landed in the Top 20 charts in Europe and the Top 10 Charts in Asia. The music has found domestic success in mainstream media via professional sports broadcasts, video games, TV placements and film soundtracks.

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